IE405: Computing for ISE

114 Transportation Building
3:30-4:50 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Instructor: Jugal Garg

Email: jugal<at>illinois<dot>edu
Office Hours: Friday 3:00 - 4:00 PM CT or by appointment

TA: John Qin

Email: johnqin2<at>
Office Hours: TBD

Course Description: This course will introduce students to algorithm design, computer programming, and SQL queries. It will provide the fundamental methods, concepts and principles of these topics to give students enough breadth to use these techniques in their jobs and to prepare them to pursue advanced topics in these areas. There will be weekly programming assignments to implement algorithms and SQL covered in the class.

Prerequisite: Basic programming skills, algebra and basic calculus, basic real analysis.

Grading Policy:
Course Outline (Subject to change): The plan is to cover the following topics (not in any particular order)

There will be roughly 11 homeworks. The lowest homework score will be dropped. A project can have at most 3-4 students. More details in class.


Lecture Details and References(tentative)
(The lecture slides and recordings will be posted on Compass.)